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With fnk.com, you can create solutions for trading and financial services as your main sources of income.

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Our mission is to accelerate the global transition to cryptocurrency. We believe that by accelerating transition and adoption of cryptocurrencies around the world will help humanity to achieve new goals, increase revenue, and reduce the time spent on monetary transactions


Our vision is to achieve the status of cryptocurrency and FNK token as the main means of payment in everyday life. We will help you understand how money is moved, spent, and invested.

FNK Master Card

FNK Master Card Gold provides customers with beautifully designed FNK Master cards.

  • Ability to pay with FNK token via instant conversion to Fiat funds
  • Cashback up to 10% from each purchase with a highly liquid FNK token with a large growth potential

FNK Wallet

FNK wallet provides a secure, convenient and elegantly executed application for customers, with which you can make purchases and sales of cryptocurrencies.

  • 25% discount on cryptocurrency exchange inside the app
  • Manage your FNK assets
  • Ability to transfer FNK to other users of the system with a minimum commission
  • Ability to transfer FNK tokens to FNK master card

FNK Credit

FNK credit provides users with instant access to regular currency without having to sell their cryptocurrency assets.

  • FNK credit allows users to use their cryptocurrency assets to receive a loan
  • Get a loan by using FNK token as a collateral.

How to buy FNK token?

You can exchange, sell, or buy FNK on various popular platforms




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The FNK app will be available for iOS and Android.